Pig Stories

Read them to your children,  your parents,  your friends.. they are the faces of good fortune, safe in the sanctuary, away from a world which sees them as commodities and worse.   

Share with us their song of life

Choose your pig's story by clicking on his or her name.

Under construction.. all files are being reformatted with new photos of their years at the sanctuary.

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Farm pigs & big mixes

Aggie Abner Agador Abe
Albert Aphrodite Alexander Alexus
Annabelle Babe Annie Black Beauty
Baby Jane Baby Ruth Armand Chava
Bella Baxter Arthur Daisy
Big Rosie Becky Lynn Bandita Diamond
Blinkin Bennie Bebe Finnegan
Blossom Benson Becca Golde
Brutus Bernie Belinda Harrigan
Bubba Bibbi Betty Jacob
Bubba V Bobby E Billie LeeLee
Butterbean Buckwheat Billy Maestro
Casey Bugsy Bitty Malachi
Charlotte Marie Cameron Bo-Jangles Marilyn
Clover (Silver dollar girl) Cedric Brandon Matthew
Cornfed Christopher Bridgit Michael
Dickey Clancey Buddy Moisha
Dutch Clark Buster Soccer Boy
Ebony Clifford Butch Tevye
Ellie Corona Butch 2  
Elly Mae Cricket Cassidy  
Emily Daisy May Celery  
Evita Einswine Chara Jade  
Fate Elmer Charlie Brown  
Fred Ethel Charlotte II  
Freddy Mac Eudora Christine  
George Fibber McGee Colleen  
Gilligan Gidget Coochie Coo  
Go Daddy Gregor Crystal  
Hamela Harpo Danny  
Hammie Frank Heidi Dior  
Hammy pie   Dolly  
Harley Honalee Dominic  
Helen Jack White Dweezil  
Hope Johnny Flynn  
Isaiha Larry Georgie  
Ivy Lenny Gilman  
Jazzper Lewis Gucci  
Jeremy Lion Half Socks  
Jerry Lucille Harley Austin  
Jessie Lucy Harrison  
Jezebel Madison Harvey  
Jiggers Maizy Hector  
Jimmy Dale Marshmallow Man (Nate) Hokimon  
Jodie Max Honey  
Julian M'Goo Humphree  
Link Floyd Miss Cartel Ikey  
Little John   Jack  
Louis Mister Houdini Jamee  
Maddie Momma Spanky Jeffrey  
Magpie Mr.Lucky Juliette  
Martha Mrs B Kermit  
Merle Myrtle Launie  
Midnight Neepo Leon  
Mimi Nellie Lester  
Miracle Nigel Lost Feather  
Moe Oinkers Lucky  
Moonlight Ophelia M Pig  
Oscar Oreo Maggie H  
PA Pete PA Patty Mary Kate  
Paisley Pam-Pam McGinty  
Patunia Pandora Mcguyver  
Penelope2 Pauley Micky Finn  
Pokey Penelope Mighty  
Polly Pepper Mikey  
Rain Peter Minnie  
Rocket Petunia Molly  
RosieBelle Petunia NC Mona  
Sally Sue Poke Poke Mr. Man  
Sally Sunday Potter Mulligan  
Scooter Precious Pig Muse  
Sebastian Pretty Petunia Nemo  
Sheree Prince Noddy Mike  
Sophia Princess Tundra Peanut  
Stella Princeton Peewee  
Stella Sc Puppy Pepe 2 Tone  
Sugarfoot Riley Perry  
Thelma V Rooty Ann Pete  
Thor Roses Pigpig  
Tinker Roxy Piper  
Tommy Sally Cream Cheese Porter  
Trooper Sam posy  
Whiney Wilbur Samantha Precious  
Wilbur Sassypig Rebecca  
Wilbur Brown Seagram Rook  
Wilbur G Sean Shorty  
Wilbur-T Shamrock Sindy  
Willow Shamrock W Sissy  
Willow2 Smiling Jack Skipper  
Winkin Soda Socks  
Winter Surprise Spike  
Zelda Susan Spooky  
  Susie Q Squirrely Shirley  
  Suzette Stanley  
  Suzie Stanley w  
  TJ Strawberry  
  Trapper Tammy Faye  
  Waco Toby  
  Wallace Valentine  
  Wesley Wick  
  Wilbur Y Winnie  

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