Adoption   Home   Safety   Check

0 not   acceptable things   that   are   not   fixable   such   as   unsafe   neighborhood   or   a   shared   fence   with  6  large   vicious   dogs   on   the   other   side . A ny   zero   is   an   end   to   the   process No   adoption .

1 = needs   work     things   that   are   not   acceptable   but   which   can   and   will   be   remedied   prior   to   adoption  ,  a   follow   up   is   required .

  2 = Meets   min         Safe   and   adequate

3  = exceeds   min     Such   as Extra   large   lot   with   plenty   of   shade   and   a   pond no   other   pets new   parent   home   all   day no   children   or   grandchildren shallow   brook    running   through   yard in   country   setting   on   isolated   road next   door   to   a   highly   recommended   pig   specialist   vet !!  (Don ' t   we   wish !)



*   Suitably   fenced   yard   not   smaller   than  50 ’X 100   or   pasture  

*   Well   constructed warm   and   dry   house shed   or   private   space   in   barn  

*   Plenty   of    all   day   available   shade  

*   A   watering   hole mud   hole   or   pond   for   mud   baths   and   cooling   off   in   summer   ( wading   pool   is   ok   but   not   as   good )

*   No   small   children   in   the   home  ( under  10)  unless   in   a   farm   environment   where   livestock   safety   practices   are   part   of   everyday   lifestyle Consider   visiting   grandchildren   also .

*   Fences   suitable   for   pigs

*   Dogs non   aggressive non   packing

*   Dogs   in   same   area   not   acceptable

*   Pig   privacy   zone   away   from   all   people   and   animals

*   Neighborhood    atmosphere

*   Pig   Experience   or   willingness   to   learn ?

*   Total   Family   or   one   party   interest

*   Working     " parents

*   Hazards……metal / tools / implements / old   fence

*   Observed   Husbandry  / pet   practices

*   Land   Management  &  Respect

*   General   sense   of  " permanence   and   pig   future "


A   minimum   score   of  34  is   required   to   place   a   pig   with   no   ratings   of  "0"  in   any   category Lesser   total   scores   and   items   with   ratings   of  "1"  require   corrections   and   re - checks .