Placement Agreement

Name of Pig:

Date of Birth Color: Sex: Micro chip #

Adopter; please read and initial each point, sign and we will return you a copy for your records.

I will not sell, give away, abandon, use for scientific or commercial purposes the pig described in this contract.

If I am ever unable to keep the pig I will immediately notify Shepherd's Green to pick him/her up.

         I will periodically advise Shepherds Green of his wellbeing.

I will keep the pig at the residence given below and will notify Shepherd's Green if that address changes.

I will provide proper and sufficient food and water, a large area for grazing and rooting and a water hole or pool . No pig will be made to live in a small area (less than 1/4 acre), or in direct sun or without grazing.

I will provide shelter, accessible at all times, well protected from cold and rain, bedded deeply in cold weather and with heat as the pig becomes old or arthritic.

I will provide routine health care as outlined by Shepherd's Green on the health care pages of the website at and will familiarize myself through the website on the changing needs as pigs age.

I will treat this animal in a humane manner and will not "ring" his/her nose as I understand this causes pain and suffering or tie or chain him up for any reason ay any time.

I will acquire the services of a veterinarian in my area who is skilled in PBP medicine and not deny the pig needed care. If I cannot secure needed vet care or financial resources to provide this care I will contact Shepherds Green so that financial or medical resources can be provided.

I will maintain an outdoor pig house and a safely fenced yard for the pig. I understand that keeping a pig inside for long periods of time causes health and behavioral problems. Living outside full time is desirable unless their health/age determines otherwise.

I understand that all dogs are a serious threat to a pigs safety and will never leave the pig alone with dogs. And that other livestock may present problems and will limit interactions to protect the pigs from harm . See website for specific issues.

I understand that Shepherd's Green has a legal interest in this pig and may remove it from its adoptive home if abuse or neglect is found or if conditions of this contract are not met.

I understand that pigs can bite and that these bites can be dangerous to the aged, children or persons with diabetes or other illness. Pigs are capable of destructive behavior as well as potential danger to people handling them. I agree to hold Shepherds Green blameless for any injuries or damage caused by this pig.

Adopted by: ________________ Date_______________________

Address __________________________________________________

phone/email ______________________________________________________

Signed: ___________________________________ Signed: ________________________

Adopter Shepherd's Green

139 Copeland Lane Cookeville, TN 38506 931-498-5540

Our placements are 3rd party assistance to pigs in need. We do not adopt pigs from the sanctuary so our knowledge of these pigs being placed is limited. In many cases pigs have been removed from abusive, unhealthy environments. We assure that pigs are vet checked and spayed or neutered prior to placement. Additional veterinary care should not be required immediately but annual checkups, vaccinations for erysipelas and hoof and tusk care are recommended. Our website is the most comprehensive one available on pig care and many vets refer their clients to it.. Find answers to problems at Shepherd's Green charges no placement fees. Donations are always appreciated to further the work we do. We hope that your experience with Shepherds Green and the love of pigs will encourage you to join our Tennessee Safety Net for pigs in distress. An electronic newsletter goes out periodically with descriptions of pigs in need, and what help is needed to save them in terms of fosters, transporting to/from vets, and other needs.