Placements   Safety   Check

0 not  acceptable things  that  are  not   fixable such as an unsafe neighborhood, zoning restrictions,  or a shared fence with large dogs on  the other side. Any zero  is  an  end  to  the  process .  No  adoption .

1 = needs  work     things  that  are  not  acceptable  but  which can and must be   remedied  prior  to  adoption ,  a  follow up  is required before placing a pig .

 2 = Meets min         Safe   and   adequate

3  = exceeds  min     Such  as : 

(a)     Extra   large  lot  with some woods  and  a  pond or shallow creek

(b)      no  other  pets except cats

(c)      new “ parent”  home  all  day

(d)      no  children or  grandchildren in the home

(e)     in  country setting on isolated road


Home Safety Checklist

Grade each area with 0, 1, 2 or 3


 Suitably   fenced   yard   not   smaller   than  50 ’X 100 ’   or   pasture  



 Pig   privacy  zone  away  from  all  people  and  animals



 Dogs , small, non aggressive breeds (no sporting or working dog breeds exc guardian breeds (and they must be purebred to be safely used with pigs, goats or fowl. See the information on our website about Livestock Guardian Breeds and how to train and work safely with them or visit  



Dogs of any kind (excl guardian dogs) living in same area is not acceptable -



Well constructed , warm and dry house, shed or   private   space   in   barn  



Plenty   of    all   day   available   shade  



A   watering   hole ,  mud   hole   or   pond   for   mud   baths   and   cooling   off   in   summer   ( wading   pool   is   ok   but   not   as   good )



No   small   children   in   the   home  ( under  10)  unless   in   a   farm   environment   where   livestock   safety   practices   are   part   of   everyday   lifestyle .  Consider  grandchildren  also.



Fences   suitable   for   pigs



Veterinarian who will care for pig has been contacted, is willing to care for pig and has experience with pigs.



Suitable equipment/ loading area for a sick pig emergency



Neighborhood  atmosphere



Pig  Experience or  willingness   to   learn



Total   Family   or   one   party   interest



Working  " parents " .. when do they spend time with pets? Is there a backup family member to care for pets when caregiver is away or suddenly ill?



Hazards……junk/metal / tools / implements / old   fence



Observed   husbandry / pet   practices. Are all pets altered?  If another pig is already in the home, he/she must be altered



Land   Management  &  Respect



General   sense   of  " permanence   and   pig’s   future "



Zoning OK;  no specific restrictions in neighborhood or home owners group. In TN, by law, potbellies are considered Non-Livestock when kept as pets and permitted by state law. Code: 39-14-201 states:

(3)  “Non-livestock animal” means a pet normally maintained in or near the household or households of its owner or owners, other domesticated animal, previously captured wildlife, an exotic animal, or any other pet, including but not limited to, pet rabbits, a pet chick, duck, or pot bellied pig that is not classified as “livestock” pursuant to this part;



A   minimum  score  of  40  is   required   to   place   a   pig   with   no   ratings   of  "0"  in   any   category .  Lesser   total   scores   and   items   with   ratings   of  "1"  require   corrections   and   re – checks before placement .