There is no textbook on potbellies. Few vets see enough of them to form any real body of empirical knowledge.  The VIN (Veterinary information network) is about the only knowledge base available to vets in need of information. Refer your vet to this service .

  Keeping pigs healthy starts when they are piglets. The environment and nutrition they grow up with will determine their future health.

The best time to prepare for a health problem is when the pig is young and healthy. When he is 14, 180 pounds and living in the barn where its been muddy for a week and you can't drive to him, and he is sick.. you have a problem, but more importantly he has a problems  Having a planned method to handle moving him and a vet who is willing and able to treat him may save his life.  Unlike the human children in our lives we cannot pick him up and carry him to the car, strap him in and drive to the nearest hospital. I can tell you from my own early days with pigs and from the hundreds of panicking pig guardians I have talked to over the phone, the first time you have a sick pig emergency it will scare you so bad you will trade your right arm for an ambulance to come for him. But there's no one but you to save him. Plan ahead for his sake, and yours.

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Anatomy of the pig

Recognizing the sick pig


At the End of the Journey

 Charts and Tables

Arthritis Care

Definition of  health



Preparing for  Surgery

Spay/Neuter surgeries

Making the last days good ones

 Moisture in Foods

Types and causes of arthritis


Systematic Panic


Post Surgical Care

Ailments of the aged pig

Medications Measurements

Severity; the signals


Being prepared, being effective

Loading a pig safely

Death as a process, not an event

Pills Info and ID

A pain free environment

Common Ailments

You and your vet

Giving shots


Spay Data

Relieving pain vs. treating disease


Arthritis Care

Hydrating the reluctant pig

Coping with your loss

Tasty temptations for a sick pig

Extreme  measures for short term stages



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