paperart01_4_1.gifFundraising and Donations                                            

Operating this takes a lot of love and a lot of pig feed. Here's how your participation can help us every day of the year.


  • Private donations There is nothing that makes the sanctuary finances easier to manage than regular monthly donations. We can take your credit card securely over the phone [931-498-5540] and process whatever amount you choose monthly, annually or your one time gift. Or you can sign up on line for any monthly amount or a single gift at PayPal, the internet money handlers. PayPal now provides the options for selecting your fund and making multiple selections
  • Amazon When you shop on line go to the link below and it will select Shepherds Green as your chosen charity (you can change that any time). Smile.Amazon is the charitible giving  dept of Amazon. .. Join the Amazon family and we will benefit from every dollar you spend on all your shopping.
  • Helping Hoof Program   Our retention program, begun in 2002,  keeps pigs in their homes by solving the problems of habitat, medical needs, spay/neuter and education. If you sign up for a monthly donation here we can keep on doing what we do so well.. helping pigs live long healthy lives, wherever they are
  • Pig Christmas Celebration. A Feast fit for a King Pig on Dec 26th. By PayPal, by credit card or by check.. no matter how you choose to be an Angel, you will make some pig's day on Pig Christmas.  The Fun begins on Dec 1 when the list of pigs is published and you can start selecting "your" pigs.. It ends on the morning of Pig Christmas (Dec 26) and the pigs begin their feast.

  • Trees of Remembrance. Losing a loved one is the hardest thing we ever do. For some, being able to link the love of the one lost and the love of those who will walk this earth in the present or future is a solace. And in its generosity it provides for those who came here unloved and unwanted.  Plant a tree, Apple or Pear and every year hundreds of these little pigs will receive your gift.   We planted 100 trees in Nov and Dec of 2010. Make a donation on the link specify the information to appear on our Rainbow Bridge Remembrance roll.  Name, Yr of Birth, Yr of death, Species /breed. Trees cost us $25 each.  This a compassionate and very well received gift to someone who has lost a freind or family member.
  • Good Search: Use this search window for all your computer searches, from educational sites to music to where to buy labels or find a good printer and we get a penny for each search.  Just go to GoodSearch and download the Tool bar, takes about a minute, then select Shepherd's Green and it will save it until you change it. Every time you do any kind of search it donates a penny. And if you buy something on line the companies who make donations can mean a substantial donation sent to us automatically.
    • Buy something on line and if they are a sponsor (And it amazes me how many of my regular vendors are)  there will be yellow highlights on your toolbar that show you coupons available to you and donations made to us. You don't have to do anything special.. it just happens once the toolbar is downloaded and used.
  • Ink Cartridge recycle program: These programs come and go but currently (Nov 10) Staples is giving us $2 for EVERY empty ink cartridge. Becasue we are a charity we have no limt. Just put your old ones in a plastic bag, drop in a bubble envelope and send it to us or drop them off at any STAPLES store and give them our phone number for the credit. 931-498-5540

       $2 each is like gold coins washing up on the beach!!  Help us pick them up!  Ask around to friends working in offices or who have home businesses. Set up a collection box at the corner market or your feed store. or vets office and we can make this a really super fundraiser.

    • Mail cartridges to:  139 Copeland Lane, Cookeville TN. 38506                 
  • On National Pig Day (March 1). Go buy a lottery ticket or two and drop them in the mail to your favorite sanctuary. Just imagine what could come of a win in the hands of someone doing sanctuary work!! For a list of accredited sanctuaries (of all kinds), visit
  • Bequests : Remember us in your will.  Leave behind you a legacy of hope. The long term viability of this or any animal charity is dependent on long term memorials, endowments and bequests.
    • Get tax related advice about bequests by contacting your CPA or ours. To contact our CPA (no charge applies!!) :   Ricky Gentry : 931-526-1990
  • Got an old car or truck ? Take a tax donation for it.  We can use or sell any vehicle that is donated. We are much in need of a small 4WD pickup for hauling hay and feed. We will come and pick it up as long as its drivable.      set01_email.gif

            Our Wish List


Grass hay for bedding ($4/bale)  and Alfalfa hay ($9/bale) for winter snacks


  • Treats: Popcorn balls, dried fruit, vanilla wafers, candy corn, Animal crackers

    Chain link dog kennel panels (for quick temporary catch pens and feeding stations)

    Boxes of baking soda


  • Blankets and throw rugs.


    Whew! sounds like a big list for Santa!!

    Your gifts are gratefully received.. and all are tax deductible