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    A place for information and resources for pigs in private homes, shelters, sanctuaries and zoos. Compassionate solutions to the desperate needs of the unwanted and abused.
    Learn about caring for the pigs in your life, seek assistance for a pig in need of a vet or a new home, find resources on Abuse laws, State and Federal health regulations, locate where to buy and how to build... or simply sit back and enjoy the photographic tours of our beautiful Tennessee hills and valleys and the residents who live here in peace.

Our Mission
Shepherd's Green Sanctuary exists to provide rescue, lifetime care and other aid and assistance to abandoned, abused, neglected, homeless and otherwise endangered pigs

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a pig's eye view of life with humans. Having a pig (or a pig having you) is nothing like keeping a pooch or a kitty in your home!


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potbellies are considered by many to be the most abused animal in the U.S. today

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